Email Titles 5 x 1 in 5 x 0.8 in 2

Rules & Guidelines


  • You must take and upload a photo showing all the quilts you are donating with the Donation Note 
  • The donation note must be sent along with the quilts to Comfort Cases for your entry to be counted
  • You will receive one competition entry per Quilt donated
  • You may only upload one image per person
  • Please ensure you specify the number of Quilts when uploading your image
  • Your photo should show at least part of each of your Quilts being entered
  • If you donated via a shop, please ensure you name the shop in the appropriate field when uploading your image
  • U.S. Participants Only
  • Entries close Monday, May 13 @ 10:00 am EST


  • Winners will be notified the week of May 13
  • The first winner will be randomly selected on May 13th by 12:00 PM EST and given 12 hours to select their prize. The next winner will then be randomly selected. If a winner doesn't pick a prize within 12 hours, we'll proceed to the next winner. However, winners who miss their window can still select from any remaining prizes.
  • All winners and their selected prize will be published on the website