How to Make a Pillowcase Using The Burrito Method

Hello everyone! This week’s tutorial is a Pillowcase Using The Burrito Method! This is a really fun way to make a pillowcase and we will also be doing a technique called French Seams. French Seams are when we sew over a seam encasing it, to cover the raw edges, so no raw edge is visible. […]

How To Make a Double Sided Placemat

Hello everyone! This week’s tutorial is a Double Sided Placemat which is another easy project for those learning to sew! Placemats are such a practical item to sew and are fabulous to make for different seasons such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. I talk a bit about pinning in the YouTube video for this tutorial, when […]

How to Cut Fabric with a Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutters for Beginners

Cutting fabric with a Rotary Cutter can seem a bit intimidating at first, but stick with it and I have no doubt it will become your favorite sewing tool. I recommend starting off with some scrap fabric and practice cutting different sizes to get the hang of it. MY TOP TIPS FOR CUTTING FABRIC WITH […]

How To Make a Scrunchie

DIY Scrunchie

Hello everyone! This week’s tutorial is a Super Easy DIY Scrunchie which is another quick, fun, and easy project that is perfect for a beginner learning to sew! There’s no doubting that scrunchies have made a massive comeback. I remember making them when I was a teenager, and although I have found new techniques to […]


Sewing a Pocket Tissue Holder

Pocket Tissue Holders are simple yet fun to make, and even better they make great little gifts! In the past, I have made these as teachers’ gifts and I even made a basket full of them for my vow renewal as a handmade keepsake.  I always keep one in my handbag for those moments when you […]


Threading a sewing machine

Below are some of my top tips for successfully threading your sewing machine. All sewing machines are different, so the best thing to do is check your User Manual. However in saying that all sewing machines are also similar so I will take you through the steps on how I thread my sewing machine in […]


Essential Sewing Tools

This list is what I consider the Essential Sewing Tools that you will need to get started sewing. You will no doubt buy more as you learn to sew, but these tools are what you need to get started. The tools list may seem long and a little daunting, but remember you only need to […]


Are you wanting to learn to sew but have no idea where to start? Start here! Sewing with Stacey Lee is a free online beginner’s course in learning how to sew starting on Friday 2 July for eight weeks. If you have no prior sewing experience, then know, you are in exactly the right place! […]