Easy Quilting Corner: 250 Quilts for the Quilt Donation Drive 2025

easy quilting corner

When I visited LA for VidCon, I had the opportunity to stop by Easy Quilting Corner in Riverside, CA, and catch up with my friend Faten. This year, Easy Quilting Corner donated an impressive 113 quilts to the Quilt Donation Drive. For next year’s drive, they’ve set an even more ambitious goal to donate 250 quilts to Comfort Cases for the 2025 Quilt Donation Drive, supporting children in foster care. Can you help them meet their goal?

easy quilting corner

Easy Quilting Corner donated 113 quilts for the 2024 Quilt Donation Drive.

How You Can Help Easy Quilting Corner Reach Their Goal

Donate Quilt Tops

Do you have quilt tops you can’t finish or would like to donate? Easy Quilting Corner is the perfect place for them. Faten and her team generously use their resources to complete these quilts, turning your unfinished projects into beautiful gifts for children in foster care. Please note that donating quilt tops will not qualify you to enter the annual Quilt Donation Drive giveaway.

Send to: Easy Quilting Corner, 1860 Chicago Ave Suite G-11, Riverside, CA 92507

Donate to Help With Costs

You can also contribute by donating funds to cover the costs of batting, backing, thread, long-arm quilting services, and shipping. Every little bit helps, and your support will go a long way in helping them reach their goal. All donors will have a Flower of Gratitude hanging in the shop with their name on it – how sweet is that? Donate HERE.

easy quilting corner

Purchase Bundles to Support the Shop

Support Easy Quilting Corner by purchasing their specially made bundles for donation quilts. They offer 3 Yard and 6 Yard Bundles, perfect for creating beautiful quilts for children. Plus, you get 20% off your second bundle. It’s a fantastic way to support a great cause while stocking up on quality fabric. They also offer lots of other goodies, including an incredible range of Tula Pink fabrics and supplies.

Join Easy Quilting Corner Sewing Charity Days

For those local to Easy Quilting Corner, you can join in for their Sewing Charity Days each month. These events are an excellent opportunity to unite, sew, and make a difference. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you’re a seasoned quilter or just starting. It’s a chance to learn, share, and contribute to a meaningful cause. To stay in the loop and find out when the Sewing Charity Days are scheduled, follow them on Facebook HERE.

easy quilting corner

Be Part of Something Special

The Quilt Donation Drive 2025 is all about bringing comfort and joy to children in foster care. With your help, Easy Quilting Corner can reach their goal of 250 quilts and make a significant impact.

Let’s come together as a community and support this incredible mission. Whether you donate quilt tops, funds, or fabric bundles, every contribution makes a difference. Join Easy Quilting Corner and be part of something truly special.

Together, we can wrap children in foster care with warmth and love, one quilt at a time.

Ready to help? Visit Easy Quilting Corner in Riverside, CA, or click HERE to donate now. Let’s make a difference!

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