How to Thread a Juki TL Sewing Machine

How to Thread a Juki TL Sewing Machine

Have you got a brand new Juki TL sewing machine, having tension issues, or need to check if you’re to find out how to thread a Juki TL Sewing Machine properly? Threading a Juki TL sewing machine might initially seem tricky, but with a step-by-step guide, it becomes straightforward. You can watch my step by step video tutorial HERE where I show you exactly how to thread a Juki TL Sewing Machine.

All Juki TL sewing machines are threaded the same way, except the TL2000Qi, which does not have the sub-tension knob. For the TL2000Qi, skip that step.

How to Thread a Juki TL Sewing Machine

This is a diagram from the official Juki TL2010Q manual showing how to thread the machine, you can view the manual HERE.

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There is also a video showing you how to wind your bobbin here:

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Threading TL Sewing Machine

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