My Favorite Quilting Tools & Notions

Favorite quilting notions

I always get asked what my favorite quilting tools & notions are, so I thought it would be useful to have them listed here. These aren’t what I recommend to get started with quilting—you can find my Top 10 Tools to Start Quilting here—but rather my favorites that I can’t live without.


So many fantastic pins are available, but I specifically search for those that are both extra long and fine. These qualities provide the precision and ease necessary for my quilting projects. Additionally, they are less likely to leave holes in the fabric, ensuring a smoother, more pristine finish. My two favorites are:

Magic Pins Fine Extra Long

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Clover Quilting Pins (Fine).

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Magnetic Pin Caddy

And to keep those pins safe, I love my Clover Magnetic Pin Caddy—it’s my favorite notion of all time! I always keep it right next to my sewing machine. When removing pins, I toss them in the caddy’s direction; because it’s magnetic, they snap right onto it. It’s also perfect for when I spill pins on the floor; I swoosh the caddy over them, and it picks them right up.

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My favorite ruler is not essential, but it’s something I can’t live without—the Stripology XL Ruler. You can find out more about it HERE.

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What are your favorite quilting notions? I’d love to hear about them. Please share your picks in the comments below!


Stacey x

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