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Your Quilt Shop can make a significant impact by joining the annual Quilt Donation Drive. Help rally your customers to make and donate quilts to send to Comfort Cases for National Foster Care Awareness Month in May.

Quilt shops are the heart of local quilting communities and getting involved in the Quilt Donation Drive provides a fantastic chance to connect with customers. Hosting events, workshops, or quilt-alongs related to the drive can bring people together and foster a sense of community around the shop.

If you own a quilt shop and would like to be a part of our Quilt Donation Drive in 2024, there are numerous ways to participate.

Ways Your Quilt Shop Can Participate:

Be a Collection Point

Become a designated quilt drop-off location. By offering your shop as a convenient drop-off point for donated quilts, you contribute to the ease of participation for your customers. This can attract more people to your shop and create a positive association with your brand.

Please note, your shop will handle shipping costs to Comfort Cases. Comfort Cases has partnered with GiveBackBox which simplifies this with $20 labels for up to 70-pound packages via USPS or UPS in the USA. For more details, click here.

Host Charity Sewing Days

Organize special days dedicated to sewing quilts for donation. Invite your community to join in, share their skills, and contribute to the cause.

Run Classes

Offer classes teaching simple quilt patterns suitable for donation. This not only educates your customers but also encourages them to create quilts for a good cause.

Sell Quilt Kits

Offer quilt kits for sale, allowing customers to create them at their own pace. Helping customers to effortlessly contribute to the cause. Whether they assemble the kits themselves or donate them, your shop becomes a creative hub with a meaningful purpose.

Incentivize Participation

Consider offering discounts, promotions, or loyalty points for customers who participate in the drive. This serves as a great incentive for people to contribute to the cause while enjoying the benefits of being part of the shop’s community.

In addition to the giveaway hosted by Stacey Lee Creative, you might like to set up a giveaway in your shop for your customers who participate in the drive. This extra incentive not only boosts engagement but also serves as a wonderful way to express gratitude to your community for their contributions and support.

Promote Through Social Media

Leverage social media platforms to spread the word about the shop’s involvement in the Quilt Donation Drive. Share updates, photos, and stories related to the drive to create awareness and generate interest. Encourage customers to share that they are pariticpating in the Quilt Donation Drive.

Plus we’ll showcase your shop on our social media platforms, giving you the spotlight within our quilting community. It’s a fantastic opportunity to amplify your reach while making a positive impact.

Success Stories from 2023

Quilt Shop

The Quilted Nest, NJ

Robin at The Quilted Nest, NJ, went above and beyond in their Quilt Donation Drive initiative in 2023. Here’s how they maximized contributions:

  • Classes: Robin organized classes where the class fee covered kits to make Easy and Quick Baby Blankets. This dual-purpose approach made the quilting experience both educational and meaningful.
  • Kits: The shop offered kits to make the Baby Blanket, allowing people to purchase and make at their leisure or they could donate them for someone to make for the cause. This provided an additional avenue for those who wanted to contribute but preferred a convenient way to do so.
  • Incentives: Participants who joined a class and donated their Baby Blanket were rewarded with a $10 gift voucher to spend in-store, creating a win-win scenario.
  • Collection Point: The Quilted Nest served as a collection point not only for quilts but also for other items on Comfort Cases’ wishlist. This streamlined the donation process, making it easier for the community to contribute.

This thoughtful strategy demonstrated a commitment to community engagement and made the Quilted Nest a pivotal force in the success of the Quilt Donation Drive.

Old Spool Sewing Studio, NJ

Julia at Old Spool Sewing Studio, NJ took a cue from The Quilted Nest’s remarkably successful model for the 2023 Quilt Donation Drive. They embraced the strategy with their unique spirit, closely mirroring the proven approach:

  • Sewing Charity Day: Participants gathered for a special class to create Quick and Easy Baby Blankets, combining the joy of learning with the spirit of giving.
  • Kits: Offering kits for the blankets provided a flexible way for the community to contribute, whether by crafting at their own pace or donating kits for others to complete.
  • Rewards for Generosity: In a gesture of appreciation, Old Spool rewarded blanket donors with a $10 in-store voucher, fostering a culture of giving and gratitude.
  • Quilt Collection Point: Old Spool Sewing Studio focused on gathering quilts, becoming a central hub for our donation efforts and amplifying their contribution to the community.

Old Spool Sewing Studio’s efforts not only mirrored this commitment but also reinforced the heart of our community-focused drive.

Summit St Shop, MI

Summit St Shop, MI, simply offered their shop as a collection point in 2023 and gathered more than 100 quilts and other items on Comfort Cases wishlist! Can you imagine how many people that brought into their lovely shop?


End of March – Start advertising the Quilt Donation Drive

Week of April 8 – Begin your Quilt Donation Drive

Week of April 29 – Wrap it up and send off donations to Comfort Cases

Would Your Shop Like to Participate?

Welcome aboard! If you’re a quilt shop owner and want to be part of this wonderful initiative, please contact me via the form below.

I’ll be in touch soon with more details.

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