Mystery Block of the Month 2024

Block of the Month

Get ready for a quilting journey filled with mystery and creativity – with the third annual Mystery Block of the Month 2024! Join us on this fun quilting adventure where we unveil one mystery block at a time, crafting 12 quilt blocks throughout the year and completing our quilts in time for the festive season.

New this year is the Quilt Club Membership, it’s kind of like Perks but a little bit more, you can find out more HERE.

Finish Your Quilt

Each reveal will be on the first Friday of every month starting on February 2, 2024.

Each block will measure 12½” x 12½” square, and once assembled in the quilt, they will be 12″ x 12″. The finished quilt will measure approximately 48″ x 62.5″.

If you’re interested in participating, make sure to sign up for my newsletter. Find the link below; just scroll down a little. That’s how I send out each block reveal each month and all the other information you need, plus that’s how you get the fabric requirements.

Plus I have some exciting news! 🌟 I am offering a new Quilt Club Membership, where you’ll get the block one week early – exclusively on the last Friday of every month. 🎉 Discover more and join the club today! More details HERE.

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Fabric Requirements for the Mystery Block of the Month 2024

For the Fabric Requirements, head over to the Pattern Library HERE. If you haven’t yet secured access to our Pattern Library, worry not! Sign up for our newsletter, and the password will be delivered straight to your inbox. Fabric Requirements are also sent in the newsletter.

If you’re on the hunt for fabrics, check out the amazing selection at Missouri Star Quilt Company. Use my exclusive LINK, and you’ll enjoy a fantastic 15% discount on your order. Making a purchase via the link helps me too, because I make a small commission at no cost to you.

PDF Patterns for the Mystery Block of the Month 2024

A PDF pattern with cutting instructions, step-by-step guidance, will be available for purchase in my Etsy Store at a nominal fee.

These PDF patterns serve as handy reference guides, and I personally find them invaluable. I’ve printed them out, organized them in a folder, and refer back to them time and time again for quick and easy guidance.

Block of the Month 2024

Have you got questions? 🤔 I created this video to answer some of the questions I have been receiving about the Mystery Block of the Month 2024. If you plan to join in please leave a comment and let me know.

Blocks Revealed So Far

Nine Patch Quilt Block

Thanks so much for joining me on another fun Mystery Block of the Month adventure – I can’t wait to get started! 🎉

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions by leaving a comment or via any of my social media channels.

Stacey x


Please note you will be added to my weekly newsletter, which includes all Mystery Block of the Month details.

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40 thoughts on “Mystery Block of the Month 2024


    Hi Stacey! I signed up last year and I have to be honest, I still have not finished it. I started college classes to learn ASL (American Sign Language) because my grandson was born deaf. So I have been extremely overwhelmed… but I do not want to miss out on the friendship and experience that I received last year from everyone. I will get it finished and catch up.

  2. Cora Kessler says:

    I am totally new at quilting and getting accustomed to even operating my sewing machine I watched some of your small projects and attempted a few and I did okay I will continue to follow you I’m just not ready to join a club but I definitely will continue to check out your videos thank you

  3. Diann Powers says:

    This will be my first time joining a quilt club and looking forward to doing the mystery block challenge 💖
    I also look forward to making new friends within our group 🪡🧵

    • Teresa Hixson says:

      I’ve followed Stacey for over 3 years but have never gotten to do a block of the month for different reasons, but I’ve learned so much from Stacey and the other ladies in group that I will never forget. I’m still a new quilter and new at using a sewing machine too, but with Stacey’s stellar tutorials they’ve given me the confidence I needed to try all these different things. Stacey has truly become a beloved friend and a safe haven for me mentally as well. There are no words to describe how excited I am about all that Stacey has in store for us this year !! I hope to see you in the group I promise you will love it. ❤️

  4. Paula Bildson says:

    I’m brand new to quilting and only started my sewing journey in 2022. This sounds like a great way to gain some experience and have support along the way. I’m so excited.

  5. Lydia says:

    Just started quilting in October and have followed your youtube tutorials and made several blocks with your help. I’ve got my eye on my next machine , it will be a JukiJunkies machine!

  6. Barbara Dansey says:

    Hi Stacey. I think? I signed up for your Newsletter and the mystery block of the month. I am really looking forward to doing this and after reading the other comments I see I am in great company as I am also new to quilting and feel that one block per month will work well.
    Thank you. I’m writing this on a beautiful sunny day with a balmy 25 degrees C. Sorry you are so cold. – Auckland NZ

  7. Tanya Ivanku says:

    If you need extra fabric for mistakes, (which i do alot 🤦‍♀️🤣) how much would you advise for each fabric?
    Sorry for the silly question.


    Hi Stacey, I cannot wait to start the 2024 BOM. I have downloaded the fabric requirement and also purchased membership. Can you tell me when the 2024 BOM will start. Thanks for your help.

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