3 Secrets to Failproof Fabric Storage

Fabric Storage

If your fabric stash resemble a jungle and finding that perfect scrap feels like a quest, fear not. In this post, I’ve got three practical tips to bring order to your fabrics and make peace with your scraps. No frills, just straightforward advice for failproof fabric storage.

Tip 1: Vertical Fabric Storage

Say goodbye to the leaning tower of fabric. Storing fabrics vertically—whether on shelves or in storage bins—transforms chaos into calm. With everything in clear view, you’ll spend less time digging and more time creating. It’s a simple shift that can make a world of difference in how you approach your projects.

Tip 2: Marie Kondo Your Fabric Stash

We’ve all got that fabric graveyard lurking in our crafting corner. Take a cue from Marie Kondo and tackle it head-on. Ask yourself: Does this fabric bring me joy? If not, consider packing it away, removing it from your sewing room, giving it away, or donating it. Simplifying your stash to include only fabrics that spark joy can do wonders for your crafting motivation.

Tip 3: Precut your Fabric Scraps

Scraps can be treasures or time-consuming obstacles. Make them work for you by precutting them into useful sizes. No more wrestling with unruly bits; instead, you’ll have an organized stash ready for action. It’s a small step that pays off big when you’re knee-deep in your next project.

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Fabric Storage

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4 thoughts on “3 Secrets to Failproof Fabric Storage

  1. Alice M Suchanoff says:

    Thanks for the tutorial on how to store and sort my stash. There is so much I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Now I do. Going shopping for new bins, etc.

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