Quilt Donation Drive for Children in Foster Care

Quilt donation drive

Join our Quilt Donation Drive for Children in Foster Care in 2024 and help spread kindness and warmth to those who need it most for National Foster Care Month in May.

Quilt shops hold a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on their communities. By connecting with your valued customers, you have the power to inspire them to be a part of something truly exceptional – our annual Donation Quilt Drive.

If you own a quilt shop and would like to be a part of our Donation Quilt Drive in 2024, there are numerous ways to contribute. You can host charity sewing days, offer classes to teach simple quilts for donation, and be a collection point for the quilt donations.

Bundle 1 5 × 7 in 14
Old Spool Sewing Studio, NJ, held a sewing charity day to make quilts for Donation Quilt Drive in 2023.

Many children in foster care often receive their few possessions in trash bags or don’t have any. possessions at all. This is why we’ve partnered with Comfort Cases. Providing warm and comforting quilts as part of their cases offers these children a much-needed sense of security and comfort during their challenging times.

Comfort Cases 5 x 2 in 3
Bundle 1 5 × 7 in 15
Summit St Shop, MI, joined in with the Quilt Donation Drive in 2023 and collected more than 100 quilts!

What Quilts to Donate

We welcome your donations of kid-friendly quilts, so feel free to use your preferred quilt or blanket pattern. Big kids’ quilts should be 50″ x 60″, and baby quilts 30″ x 40″ according to Comfort Cases. Slight variations in size are acceptable.

Please use high-quality and appropriate fabrics for your donation quilts, the kind you’d choose for your own children or grandchildren. This ensures that the children who receive these quilts feel cherished and loved.

About Comfort Cases

I’ve partnered with Comfort Cases, a nationwide nonprofit dedicated to supplying care packages to foster children, offering hope and dignity to kids within the U.S. foster care system, spanning all 50 states. Since 2013, Comfort Cases has distributed over 200,000 care packages and continues to make a difference.

For a heartfelt message about the cause and how you can contribute, watch this video featuring Comfort Cases’ founder, Rob Scheer. Get your tissues ready!

At times, shops may wish to ensure that their quilts benefit children in their own community. With Comfort Cases, it’s a straightforward process – you can request the specific town or state where you’d like your donations to be directed, and they will make every effort to honor that preference.

Comfort Cases makes it easy to get your donations to them. They have partnered with GiveBackBox, offering $20 shipping labels for packages weighing up to 70 pounds, shipped via USPS or UPS within the USA. More info here.

Bundle 1 5 × 7 in 16
The Quilted Nest, NJ held classes to make baby blankets to donate for the Donation Quilt Drive 2023

We extend our warm invitation to join us for the fourth annual Quilt Donation Drive in 2024. Together, we’ll create comforting quilts that will touch the hearts of children in foster care.

Let’s make a difference together.

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