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How do I access the Free Pattern Library?

You need a password. To get the password, you must subscribe to my weekly newsletter here.

The password changes periodically. The latest password is always included in every weekly newsletter email. Look for the heading “Free Pattern Library”.

I signed up to the newsletter and did NOT receive an email

Once you have signed up, your first email will take a few minutes to be sent, this is an automatic process. If you can’t find your email please check your SPAM. If you don’t see it in your spam, try signing up again, because you may have made an error entering your email address.

Can you resend the email?

No, I’m sorry my email system doesn’t allow me to do that. I can check and confirm that you are subscribed. The main reason you didn’t receive an email is because you made an error entering your email address.

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  1. Debbie Carmel says:

    Sorry, I thought I had signed up for your e-mail letters. And then I noticed I had written my e-mail wrong. Would you please sign me up again, Thank you.

  2. Debbie Carmel says:

    I really enjoy your shows on YouTube. I do sewing, quilting, crafts and usually just about anything else that looks fun. Thanks

  3. Kim Upstone says:

    I just signed up and I love your website! Thank you so much for all the free patterns and inspiration! I can’t wait to get started on making some of the adorable patterns.

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