Mystery Block 8 – Rail Fence Quilt Block

Rail Fence Quilt Block

Let me show you how to make a simple Rail Fence Quilt Block for Block 8 of the Mystery Block of the Month 2022. This is a bonus block this month so that we finish well in time for Christmas, so because we do two blocks this month I wanted to keep it really simple, yet still just as gorgeous as the rest of the blocks we have made so far.

A Rail Fence Quilt Block, also known as a Fence Post Quilt Block, is a very popular and classic quilt block that dates back to the late 1800s in Kansas, USA. They can be made with as many rails as you desire, and quilts can be made entirely of these blocks, placed to make different patterns, see my Rail Fence Quilt tutorial here.

Rail Fence Quilt Block

The Mystery Block of the Month is a small achievable project each month, that will become our most detailed quilt so far! The trick is making your block within the month so it stays a stress-free and fun quilting project.

Rail Fence Quilt Block

This tutorial is free and everything you need to know to make the Rail Fence Quilt Block is listed here, including the link to my free YouTube tutorial.

A PDF pattern with full printable instructions is available to purchase on my Etsy Store at a nominal fee.


To make the Rail Fence Quilt Block you will need FIVE different fabrics.

Please see the diagram below for cutting instructions

Rail Fence Quilt Block

Please watch my video for full instructions on how to make the Rail Fence Quilt Block:

This block is part of my Mystery Block of the Month, you might like to check out the next block, The New Four Patch Block.

Thanks so much for joining me! Please leave a comment and let me know how you go, or if you have any questions.

Stacey x

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6 thoughts on “Mystery Block 8 – Rail Fence Quilt Block

  1. Pat Wahl says:

    What fabric are you using for these beautiful blocks? I do not do well choosing colors so, with your permission, I would like to do my quilt the same as yours. My thanks, Pat

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