Ribbon Star Quilt Tutorial

Ribbon Star Quilt

This quilt was a long time coming but I am thrilled with how this baby quilt turned out, it is made up of nine Ribbon Star Blocks and I have fondly named this quilt the Ribbon Star Quilt after two new baby girls in my family.

For each of the Ribbon Star blocks the fabric is placed so that it creates a secondary pattern, almost making it hard to see where one block starts and the other finishes.

Ribbon Star Quilt

Ribbon Star Blocks are made up almost entirely of Half Square Triangles, that’s a lot of Half Square Triangles we need to make for this quilt, but don’t worry I have a super quick way to get them all done very quickly. I am going to show you a very cool technique that allows us to make 18 Half Square Triangles in one go! Yes, that’s right, 18 in one go! Check out my YouTube video to see how I do it.

Ribbon Star Quilt

For my Ribbon Star Quilt, I used fabrics from the gorgeous fabric range Ballerina Fusion by Art Gallery Studios, this fabric was the perfect fabric for this quilt, because I wanted to use very soft colors for this baby quilt.

My pattern comes in two sizes, a Baby Quilt, and a Throw Quilt, they are both made exactly the same way, except the pieces are larger for the Throw Quilt.

Ribbon Star Quilt

This tutorial is free and everything you need to know to make my Ribbon Star Quilt in a Baby Quilt is listed here, including my free YouTube tutorial HERE.

Ribbon Star Quilt

My PDF pattern with full printable instructions features two sizes: Baby Quilt and Throw Quilt and is available to purchase on my Etsy Store at a nominal fee.

Ribbon Star Quilt

The Baby Quilt measures approximately: 42½” x 42½”

The Throw Quilt measures approximately: 56½” x 56½”

Ribbon Star Quilt


To make the Lyla Mae Ribbon Star Quilt you will need the fabrics shown in the diagram below, which also shows where each fabric will be placed on the ribbon star blocks with the indicated letter.

Please note: For fabrics A, C, F, and G I used lighter colored fabrics to help emphasize the pattern


⅓ Yard for A

⅜ Yard EACH for B, C, D, E, F, G


⅝ Yard for Border

⅜ Yard for Binding

1¼ Yards for Backing – 44″ width fabric OR 2⅜ Yards 42″ width fabric

Ribbon Star Quilt


Please see the diagram above for cutting instructions.

You may find it helpful to use my fabric guide to remember which fabrics you would like to use for each of the A-G pieces of your block, you can find my guide here and my YouTube video explains exactly how to use it.


Use the Pairing Guide to match up pairs of fabric to make your Half Square Triangles, see the YouTube Video for exact instructions.

Ribbon Star Quilt

Please watch my video for full instructions on how to make the Ribbon Star Quilt:

Once we have finished the quilt top, most of you know how to finish your quilts, but just in case here are some links for tutorials on the next steps: basting your quilt, quilting your quilt, squaring up your quilt, and binding your quilt.

So there we have it the Ribbon Star Block Quilt, I hope you love it as much as me! Please leave a comment and let me know if you plan on joining me in making this quilt

Stacey x

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  1. Linda Goldstein says:

    The Ribbon Star Quilt is beautiful. I am definitely going to try to make it.
    Thank you for a thorough tutorial.

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