An Easy Pinwheel Quilt Tutorial

Pinwheel Quilt

It’s finally here, the first Quilt tutorial for the year! This year we will kick off with a two-part Pinwheel Quilt tutorial!

In this tutorial, I will cover fabric options, placement, and how to make the Pinwheel Block. Then I will show you how to sew the Pinwheels together creating your quilt top.

The quilt top will measure approximately: 50½” x 63″

Pinwheel Quilt

This tutorial is free and everything you need to know to make my Pinwheel Quilt is listed here, including the link to my free YouTube tutorial.

A PDF pattern with full printable instructions is available to purchase on my Etsy Store at a nominal fee.

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Once we have finished the quilt top, most of you know how to finish your quilts, but just in case here are some links for tutorials on the next steps: Basting your quilt, Squaring up your quilt, Quilting, Binding your quilt.

Pinwheel Quilt
Pinwheel Quilt


You can either use fabric off the bolt or a layer cake. Please note directional fabric is going to end up facing different ways in each of the pinwheels.


⅓ yard EACH of 5 dark-toned fabrics

⅓ yard EACH of 5 light-toned fabrics OR 1½ yards light-toned fabric (if you want all the light fabric the same)



1 x Layer Cake (40 Piece)

Note: please check the layer cake is a good fit for this project. For best results, you need half the fabrics to be light-toned and half to be dark-toned for contrast. You could also add in some fabrics if there isn’t enough contrast.


3½ yards for Backing

½ yard for Binding

55″ x 68″ piece of Batting

Coordinating thread

Pinwheel Quilt


With EACH of the yardage fabric cut:

(4) x 10″ x 10”

Layer Cakes are the correct size for this pattern

I can’t wait to make a Pinwheel Quilt with you! Check out more of my quilt tutorials HERE, or if you are looking for a smaller project I have plenty of small quilting projects HERE.

Stacey x

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36 thoughts on “An Easy Pinwheel Quilt Tutorial

  1. Anne Arslan says:

    I’m super excited about this as I’ve been so intimidated by this one, thank you for being so good to us! Oxox

  2. Phyllis Carmichael says:

    I would love to join in. In case I get called into work, will I be able to watch the video ?
    I’m so happy I have joined in for BOM. I’m really learning from you.
    Thank you

  3. Isabel (Kuhlment) says:

    How would I adjust this to make a smaller size for a senior lap quilt to donate.?
    Is that possible with some of the quilts?

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