Scrap Buster Handmade Cards

Handmade cards

Discover a delightful and eco-friendly way to repurpose your scrap fabric by crafting handmade cards. While I’ve chosen a heart shape for a Valentine’s Day theme in this tutorial, feel free to get creative and make them in any shape you prefer.

This project not only adds a personal touch to your greetings but is also an excellent opportunity to use scrap fabric that complements a quilt you might be gifting. Embrace the joy of upcycling and add a thoughtful touch to your card-making endeavors!

I personally enjoy using scrap fabric that complements a quilt I’m giving as a gift.

Handmade cards

To Make Scrap Busting Handmade Cards You Will Need

Please watch my video for full instructions on how to make a Scrap Buster Handmade Card:

Exploring creative ways to make the most of your scrap fabric? Here are some inspiring ideas to spark your imagination:

Thanks so much for joining me! Please leave a comment and let me know how you go, or if you have any questions.

Stacey x

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