A Christmas Tree Quilt

Christmas Tree Quilt

With Christmas approaching, what better way to prepare than by crafting a Christmas Tree Quilt to cozy up under during the holiday season? I’m sure mine will add an extra layer of warmth to those Christmas Hallmark movie marathons! 

I love that Christmas Quilts will be enjoyed year after year. Imagine the joy of wrapping up in this handmade quilt every Christmas, transforming it into a beloved family tradition that generations can share and cherish.

Christmas Tree Quilt

In my first video, we will make the Christmas trees and we will be cutting the fabric very differently from any of my other tutorials, then we will sew the Christmas trees together. In next week’s tutorial, we will make the two borders.

Christmas Tree Quilt

Supplies to Make a Christmas Tree Quilt

Quilt top measures approximately: 52″ x 54½

2 Yards for Background (I used white)

(6) ½ Yard of Fabric for Christmas Trees

6″ Width of Fabric for the Tree Trunks


½ Yard for Binding

3⅛ Yards Backing OR 1⅝ Yards is 52″ or wider

58″ x 60″ Batting

Coordinating Thread

Christmas Tree Quilt

Cutting Instructions to Make A Christmas Tree Quilt

(30) 9″ x 9″ Background Fabric

(4) 3½” Width of Fabric for Background

(2) 2″ Width of Fabric for Tree Trunk

Please watch my video for full instructions on how to make a Christmas Tree Quilt:

Next: Make and Attach Borders

CLICK HERE for Part B of my instructions where I show you how to make and attach borders to your Christmas Tree Quilt.

Thanks so much for joining me! Please leave a comment and let me know how you go, or if you have any questions.

Stacey x

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