Favorite Fall Finds for 2021

Fall decor finds 2021

I unashamedly crush on fall! Fall is one of the best things about moving to New Jersey from Sydney Australia and since I love it so much it really inspires me to decorate for the season.

Every year there are always lots of lovely new pieces to add to your Fall Decor, and I have picked out my favorite fall finds for 2021. This year I was really drawn to the neutral natural look.

Fall decor finds 2021


Floral wreath | Hello Fall Mug | Cotton Tree | Polka Dot Pom Throw | Candle Stick Holders | Weave Rattan Basket | Spiced Cider Candle | Ceramic Vase Set | Wicker Wall Set | Wood Pumpkins | Autumn Leaves Pillow | Medium Ceramic Pumpkin| Small Ceramic Pumpkin| Woven Leaf Pumpkin| Wall Decor I Love Fall Most of All


Find a few pieces that you love and look good together, then make little fall vignettes around your home.

Decide on your fall color scheme, I find two to three colors is a good place to start. Then collect decor that works with your color scheme. I always add metallics on top of the color scheme, because they always compliment it no matter what.

Each year invest in a couple of new fall pieces for your collection to keep it fresh and change things up a little.

You don’t need to use just Fall themed decor for your vignettes, have a play with items you already have within your color scheme and see if they work too. For example, a cake stand that you already have can be great to put pumpkins on.

Stacey Lee Fall Decor Candles


Trust me when I say you can never have too many pumpkins when decorating for fall. I like grouping them in my different vignettes. You don’t have to buy them all at once, you can slowly add them to your collection each year and over time have a lovely little collection. They also don’t have to be expensive, I picked some up from Target this season for $1 and fresh miniatures pumpkins are under $1.

The best way to bring fall into your home is with candles, they add scent and ambiance. Anthropologie is always my favorite shop to look for candles whatever the season.

I hope you found this blog post inspirational. I would love to know what color scheme you picked this fall and what your favorite buys were. Please leave a comment and let me know.


Stacey x

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