How to Make a Sewing Machine Cover

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a Sewing Machine Cover to fit your sewing machine. Not only do Sewing Machine Covers look super cute, but they also help protect your sewing machine from dust and pet hair getting into your sewing machine which will help prolong its life.

You will need to take a few measurements of your sewing machine, and to help you do this I created a document for you to write them down on, you can request it here.

Sewing Machine Cover

I recommend using 100% quilting cotton for this project because it is a structured fabric that is easy to cut and sew, and won’t misbehave like other fabrics can – making it the perfect beginner-friendly fabric. Another good option would be cotton canvas.


Receive my printable document via email be requesting it at the bottom this post (here)

You can find out more about which tools I recommend over here.

Please watch my video for full instructions on how to Make a Sewing Machine Cover:


Measure your sewing machine, write down the measurements on my document (request via email here)

Press your fabric.

Cut your fabric according to your measurements.

Outer Fabric Cut: 1 x Body, 2 x Side, 1 x pocket

Lining Fabric Cut: 1 x Body, 2 x Side

Batting/fleece Cut: 1 x Body, 2 x Side, 1 x pocket (Measurement x 7″)

Take the Outer Fabric pieces, and with the wrong side of the fabric facing you, press your fusible fleece to each corresponding piece. If you are using regular batting quilt it in place.

For the pocket, make sure the fabric folds over nice and securely before you press.

For all four sides (2 outer + 2 lining) round the two top edges. I used a plate to do this.

Place the plate with the edges lining up on the top and both sides, take chalk/washable marker and trace around the edges creating your rounded edges. Cut along your traced line.

Pin the other three sides together, lining up all the edges. Using the side we just rounded the edges on, use this as a template to draw the rounded edges onto the remaining three sides. Cut.

Sewing machine cover

Take your pocket and sew a top stitch along the folded edge

Take one side and pin your pocket to it with the edges lining up on the sides and bottom, pin.

Take the outer body and the pinned side, with the right sides facing each other, line up the corner and the edges and pin. Pin all the way around following the curve, use as many pins as you need to ensuring the edges are lined up and secure.

Sew along the pinned edge with a ⅜” seam allowance, backstitch at the beginning and end. 

Sewing machine cover

Take the second outer side and pin, ensuring you are pinning it with the edges lined up so it matches the side we just sewed. When finished one side of your cover will have the edges all lined up and one side will need to be trimmed.

Sew along the pinned edge with a ⅜” seam allowance, backstitch at the beginning and end.

Repeat for your lining.

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Making sure your cover is laying flat and you are only cutting the side that needs to be cut, line up your ruler with the edges and cut the excess fabric off.

Sewing machine cover

Starting at the side without a pocket, pin the seams and edges so they line up. Repeat for all four seams. Pin around the entire edge, leaving an opening on the side without the pocket.

Sew along the pinned edge with a ⅜” seam allowance, backstitch at the beginning and end. Leaving an opening on the side without a pocket where you didn’t pin.

Turn it right sides out, and so the lining is sitting inside of your cover.

Press, so the seams sit flat.

Pin your opening closed.

Sew along the entire edge, backstitching at the beginning and end.

Trim your loose threads.


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Thanks so much for joining me! Please leave a comment and let me know how you go, or if you have any questions.

Stacey x


12 thoughts on “How to Make a Sewing Machine Cover

  1. Marie A McGrath says:

    Really enjoyed your tutorial. So easy to follow. Loved the finished project. Looking forward to viewing other projects.

      • Marie A McGrath says:

        I have been trying to get your pattern for a sewing machine cover . I provided the email but did not receive anything. I have made several and found it great to follow however each time I have to draw out and write out the calculations for the measurements. If I had your diagram and instructions it would be less time consuming. Thanks

  2. Debbie says:

    Thank you for this video, it was very helpful, I had finished my outside piece but was struggling with if I had made it the right size. Then I found your video, it was great help.

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