How to Cut Fabric with a Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutters for Beginners

Cutting fabric with a Rotary Cutter can seem a bit intimidating at first, but stick with it and I have no doubt it will become your favorite sewing tool.

I recommend starting off with some scrap fabric and practice cutting different sizes to get the hang of it.


Make sure you have a nice sharp blade, you’ll know when you need a new blade because it will get hard for you to cut your fabric, you will have to press very firmly to cut, and you will have threads being skipped constantly

Always lock your rotary cutter whenever you are not using it, it is basically a razor blade on a wheel!

Always cut away from yourself

Keep your fingers away from the edge of the ruler. You can buy special gloves to use during cutting if you’d like

Working out how much pressure to apply when cutting takes a bit of practice. Don’t press too hard, it is better to recut if you have skipped threads and then work on pressing a little firmer next time

Never cut more than four layers of fabric at one time, especially when learning to cut

There are two methods to cutting fabric, with the lines on the mat or the lines on the ruler. You decide what works best for you.

Always make sure your fabric has been pressed so that it sits nice and flat on your cutting mat

Please watch my video for full instructions on how to use a Rotary Cutter, Ruler and Mat to cut your fabric.


Once you have watched the video and practiced cutting, you are ready to make your scrunchie, more info on how to do that over here.

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