Log Cabin Block Swap – CLOSED

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The Log Cabin Block Swap will run over July & August 2021 and is the perfect summertime quilting project, well for some of you it’s winter, and it’s perfect for you too!

The idea of a Block Swap is to have fun and to make blocks to give each other, and then together we will make the ultimate scrappy Log Cabin Quilt from all the beautiful blocks we have received from Quilt Club members from around the world.

The idea came from a member suggesting a block swap – I loved the idea and here we are!

Over six weeks you can make your blocks at your own pace, then you post them to me, I will sort them and shuffle them around and send you back a completely different set of blocks. You will get back the same amount that you sent.

You don’t have to do the block swap, you might choose to make the blocks for yourself and make your own quilt, but you can still follow along with the YouTube tutorials.


With the blocks we will make a scrappy Log Cabin quilt. I can almost guarantee that no two blocks will be the same, which is going to make the most amazing scrappy Log Cabin Quilt ever.

36 x 12″ blocks will make a quilt that measures approximately 72″ x 72″

16 x 12″ blocks will make a quilt that measures approximately 48″ x 48″

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You can choose to make 12, 24, or 36 blocks.

Your blocks are to be made identical, that way we will be able to identify our blocks in all the different quilts made.

You post them to me. I will sort them, shuffle them around and post you back a completely different set of blocks. You will get sent back however many you sent. However, if you make 12 to swap, you will need to make the extra blocks yourself to have enough to finish the quilt.

US members please send me a postage-paid self-addressed envelope for me to post your swapped set of blocks back.

Below is the video explaining how to make a Log Cabin Block and then on Friday 27th August I will do another video explaining how to make your quilt from the blocks.


A set of rules around what colors of fabric to use will be decided on before the swap by the group, things such as no black, or no solids, etc.

In addition, these are the basic rules to follow to ensure all blocks are of the highest standard:

  • You must use your best fabrics
    • Only use good quality 100% quilting cotton
    • Only use fabric that you would be happy to receive yourself, the idea is not to use fabric you are trying to get rid of
  • Do your best work 
    • Take your time cutting, sewing, and press every seam
    • Measure each block and square it to be 12” x 12”
  • You have six weeks to complete your blocks
    • Start early and don’t rush
    • Set yourself a goal of how many you would like to make each week
  • You must post your blocks to me by Friday 6 August (earlier if overseas please)
    • Please put your blocks in a zip lock bag before posting
    • International members, please send earlier so they arrive on time


I am charging a small fee to participate of $5 to cover my costs, such as purchasing a PO Box.

I have designed a damask woven label that measures 2½” x 4″ as a memento to sew onto your quilt when it is finished. They will be available to buy for $10 when you sign up if you would like one.

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IMPORTANT: We need at least 30 members to participate to go ahead. If we don’t hit the target of 30 members signing up I will refund you. There will be no refunds for changing your mind once the Block Swap starts.


The Block Swap is now closed, but you are welcome to join along and make blocks to complete your own quilt.


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16 thoughts on “Log Cabin Block Swap – CLOSED

  1. Gena Lamey says:

    Stacey I tried to get venmo but someone used my name in PayPal Its going to a while to get fix. I’m bummed 😓.

    • Stacey says:

      Hi Gena, sorry I just saw this message now. Please check out the updated page, all the details are now available for everyone to make the American Flags quilt 🤗

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