How to Make a Quilted Bowl Cozy

Quilted bowl cozy

Making a Quilted Bowl Cozy is a fun and easy project that can be very useful in the kitchen for holding hot or cold bowls. Additionally, they are fantastic scrap busters and make for thoughtful gifts.

If you have a layer cake you don’t know what to do with, you’ve just found the perfect project!

You can also use scrap fabric by sewing pieces together to make up a 10” x 10″ square that you need.

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Get my free instructions with material requirements click here.

Watch my YouTube video tutorial which shows you exactly how to make a Quilted Bowl Cozy:

Thank you so much for joining me in making a Quilted Bowl Cozy.

This project is one of my Small Quilting Projects, you might also be interested in making my French Braid Table Runner.


Stacey x

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31 thoughts on “How to Make a Quilted Bowl Cozy

  1. Kelly says:

    Thank you Stacey,

    I really enjoy watching your videos and learning, even I’m still scared to cut my fabric- lol

  2. Janice Waller says:

    you do a great job of explaining at an excellent pace. Nice that you show in detail part of it and then fast forward through the repeats. Nicely done. Had made one of these years ago and want to do more now so needed to check it out again. Your video was very clear and easy to follow. I am just getting back into quilting so will do one side pieced this time like you did – great idea!

  3. Vicki McLennan says:

    Thank you for your lessons. Your tutorials as so easy to follow and understand not only in the steps to a pattern, and the cutting and sewing of a piece but also the stitch length and all the other whats and whys. This inspires me to keep on sewing and being daring is to be creative. Some patterns are hard to follow but you show how easy it can be for beginners.

  4. Betty Gershkoff says:

    I love this video. I’ve seen others but I notice my brain is trying to fill in blanks whereas you never leave blanks in your explanations! Thank you making everything so accessible!

  5. Barbra Elizabeth says:

    Stacey, thank you for the opportunity to access your pattern template library. The Bowl Cozy works for me right now to make with Christmas fabrics. Thank you for the sample Handmade Christmas Gift Tags. What a great Thanksgiving you all enjoyed, a wonderful “kick-off” to Christmas. I so enjoy and appreciate your videos.

  6. Carrie Konen says:

    This pattern looks alot easier to do compared to a another one I had that’s this same style. You don’t need to have a paper pattern to cut out, witch were always a hassell, just measurements for squares.

  7. Mickie K says:

    Hi Stacey
    I like the sewing machine features that cut your thread with the push of a button! What is your machine brand and model that has this feature?

  8. Joanne Eaton says:

    I appreciate your excellent explanations and presentation of the actual instructions. You speed is also just right! Thank You

  9. Sue Spachman says:

    Thank you for the great tutorial! I have ben wanting to make some of these, but have not taken the time to find out how to do it until I came across your tutorial this evening!

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