Super Quick & Easy Inside Out Donation Quilt

Inside out quilt

The Inside Out Donation Quilt was designed to be a quick and easy quilt to make especially for my donation quilt drive for National Foster Care Month in May 2022, you can find more about how to donate a quilt for children in foster care here. We have finished our donation quilt drive for this year, but please make sure you sign up for my emails so you don’t miss out on our next donation quilt drive in May 2023.

The idea of my Inside Out Donation Quilt is that it is a quick and simple quilt to make, yet beautiful and perfect to donate.  

It is super quick to make because there is no binding, and instead we sew the quilt top and backing together and turn it inside out!

Inside out quilt

My Inside Out Quilt measures 48” x 60” which is the perfect size to go in a Comfort Cases Bag for a teenager.

I would love for you to join me in making a quilt to donate to children in foster care, through our chosen charity, Comfort Cases, to find out more click here.

IMG 3578


4 x 30” of fabric off the bolt


1 ⅔ Yards fleece fabric minimum width 52” for Backing


With each of the four fabrics:

Cut 4 x 6½” width of fabric


Press your fabric

With each of the four fabrics: Cut 4 x 6½” width of fabric

Group each of the four fabrics how you would like them to repeat on your quilt top

Sew the four strips together (you will have four groups of 4 strips)

Press all your seams in the same direction 

Cut sewn together strips into 6½” blocks, as pictured below

Inside Out Quilt

Sew your blocks together, as pictured below

Donation Quilt

Sandwich your quilt top and backing by:

  • Layout your backing on your surface with the wrong side of the fabric facing toward you
  • Ensure it is flat and smooth
  • Layout your quilt top on top of your backing
  • Use your hands to smooth your quilt top out as much as possible
  • Pin around the edges of your quilt

Sew around the edge of your quilt top, leaving a 10” gap from where you started

Turn the quilt top and backing inside out

Sew around the entire edge of the quilt 

Quilt as desired

Watch my YouTube video tutorial which shows you exactly how to make an Inside Out Donation Quilt:

Thank you so much for joining me in making a quilt to donate to Comfort Cases for children in foster care.

For another perfect donation quilt idea please take a look at my Self Binding Strip Quilt, it measures 30″ x 40″ which is the ideal size to go in a Comfort Cases Bag for a baby here.

Don’t forget to print out my PDF (found here) and write a note to Comfort Cases so we know how many quilts we donated for National Foster Care Month in May.


Stacey x

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2 thoughts on “Super Quick & Easy Inside Out Donation Quilt

  1. Lela Jones says:

    My daughter was in foster care and let me tell you those kids get nothing without donation and I wish people could actually see how these kids live it is very sad. The facility I saw one time was a huge building wit a large room of beds on each end and girls everywhere ages 5 to 16. Most of these children will not be adopted they will be let go at 18 and expected to make it so these small gifts help hygiene items are always in need also. Thank you for doing this you have no idea how much it means to the recipients.

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