Easy Self Binding Strip Quilt

Self binding quilt

The Easy Self Binding Strip Quilt was designed especially for my donation quilt drive for National Foster Care Month in May, you can find more about how to donate a quilt for children in foster care here.

We have finished our donation quilt drive for this year, please make sure you sign up for my emails so you don’t miss out on our next donation quilt drive in May 2023. However you don’t have to wait until then, Comfort Cases will gratefully accept handmade quilts any time of the year.

Donation Quilt

The Easy Self Binding Strip Quilt measures 30″ x 40″ which is the perfect size to go in a Comfort Cases Bag for a baby, and I adore the idea of this quilt wrapping a baby up in some handmade love.

The idea of this quilt is that it is quick and simple to make, yet beautiful and perfect to donate.

Diagonal joins

It’s quick to make because we use the easy Self Binding Technique to bind the quilt, where we do the backing and binding for the quilt all in one – let me show you how!

I would be thrilled to bits if you choose to join me in making a quilt to donate to children in foster care, through our chosen charity, Comfort Cases, to find out more click here.

Donation Quilt


Half Jelly Roll (you need 18 strips)

6 x 9″ fabric off the bolt

1⅓ yards of fabric off the bolt for the backing
32” x 42” Batting


Top: For each 9” fabric off the bolt: Cut 3 x 2½” width of fabric

Backing: No need to cut

Batting: Cut 32” x 42”


1.  Join the strips together on the diagonal:

  • Place a 2½” strip with the right side facing you horizontally
  • Then place another 2½” strip with the wrong side facing you vertically
  • Make sure there is lots of clearance from selvages
  • With a ruler draw a 45-degree angle line from the top left corner to the bottom right
  • Pin on each side, making sure you have room to sew
  • Sew along your marked line with a standard foot
  • Open it up to see if the edges line up to make one long piece of fabric
  • Repeat until all 2½” strips are sewn together
  • Trim the excess fabric to ¼” seam and the little triangles
  • Press open
Binding diagonals

2.  Starting at one end, cut off the selvage, then measure and cut 32”

3.  Sew your 32” strip to your continuous strip

4.  Cut again at 32”

5.  Repeat until you have sewn together 18 strips

Donation Quilt

6.  Trim both sides of your quilt top so it measures 30” wide

7.  Baste your quilt, ensuring your quilt top is centered, and you have 3” of backing on all four sides

8.  Quilt your quilt as desired

9.  Trim excess batting to the edge of your quilt, being extra careful not to cut your backing

10.  Trim your backing to 1” from the edge of your quilt

11.  To make self binding:

  • Fold backing in half to meet the edge of the quilt top, press
  • Fold backing over the top of the quilt top to become the binding, press
  • Secure with wonder clips or pins
  • For corners fold edge, over to meet the edge of the quilt, making a triangle
  • Sew

Watch my YouTube video tutorial which shows you exactly how to make this Easy Self Binding Strip Quilt:

For another quilt that is perfect to donate please take a look at my Inside Out Quilt, it measures 48″ x 60″ which is the perfect size to go in a Comfort Cases Bag for a child and teenager here.

Don’t forget to print out my PDF (found here) and write a note to Comfort Cases to help us keep track of how many quilts we have donated.

Thank you so much for joining me in making a quilt to donate to Comfort Cases for children in foster care.


Stacey x

6 thoughts on “Easy Self Binding Strip Quilt

  1. Kathryn Williams says:

    I don’t remember if you mentioned this in the video but what fabric are you using? It is absolutely adorable. I love it?

  2. Libby Hodgson says:

    That is the most informative quilting video I have watched. Every step detailed, nothing left to guessing. Thank you.
    P.S loving listening to a kiwi too 😊

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