How to Make a French Braid Table Runner

French braid table runner

Hi everyone, I am so excited to share my first mini project as part of Quilt Club – a French Braid Table Runner!

The French Braid Table Runner is a perfect project for new quilters and those wanting to practice their quilting skills since it’s basically a mini quilt. We go through all the same steps you would to make a quilt, it’s just smaller.

Make one for yourself and make them as gifts, they are perfect for any occasion and can be made to go with any decor.

Table runner

Measures approximately 40½” x 11″ and if you wanted it longer you could easily add on extra strips to make it however long you would like.

IMG 4022


8 strips 2½” x width of fabric
8 Jelly Roll strips 

Backing: 14” width of fabric
Batting: 14” x 42”
Binding: ⅓ of a yard


Cut 1 square 2½” x 2½”
Cut 16 strips 2½” x 8½”
Cut 16 strips 2½” x 10½” 

Backing: 14” width of fabric
Batting: Cut 1 rectangle 14” x 42”
Binding: Cut 4 strips 2½” x width of fabric


1. Cut your top pieces, as instructed below

French Braid Table Runner

2. Sew your cut top pieces together, as instructed below, pressing after sewing each strip, either by finger pressing, or with an iron

French Braid Table Runner

3. Press your finished top, and cut loose threads

4. Baste your quilt top, batting, and backing

  • Lay your backing on your surface with the wrong side of the fabric facing toward you
  • Place your batting on top, making sure it is flat and smoothed out
  • Lay your quilt top on top of your batting. Pin together to hold in place

5. Quilt as desired

6. Square off and bind as desired

Watch my YouTube video tutorial which shows you exactly how to make your very own French Braid Table Runner:

I hope you have fun making my French Braid Table Runner. Please be sure to send me pictures and tag me at #staceyleecreative I absolutely love seeing everyone’s creations.

This project is one of my Small Quilting Projects, you might also be interested in making my Quilt As You Go Table Runner.


Stacey x

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21 thoughts on “How to Make a French Braid Table Runner

  1. Lili says:

    Hi Stacey, love your video, thank you for sharing . I have one question, please can you tell me which brand of fabric you are using for this project?
    Thank you, and see on your next project

  2. Stacy says:

    Hi Stacey. Could you tell us the fabric line you used for the French Braid Table Runner? I’m not having any luck finding it or even something similar. Thanks so much.

  3. Vicki Hoffman says:

    As I consider making this project, it would be helpful to know the dimensions. Would you please add that to your instruction sheets? This one looks lovely…I just don’t know if I will need to lengthen it or shrink it to fit my table.

  4. Nora Allin-newell says:

    Love the pattern, made 2 already. Great practice for quilting and binding. Can you provide more patterns for table runners. PS love your website.

  5. Brenda says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing your pattern. I just made one for my dresser in the bedroom!
    The measurements and instructions were great!

  6. Carolyn Thomas says:

    What a lovely job, that you did! This will make a lovely spot on your dining room table. Can’t wait to see more things that you create👏

  7. Barbra Elizabeth says:

    Stacey, what a lovely and elegant table runner. Thank you for introducing it to us. I so enjoy and appreciate your attention to detail in teaching moments, and all of the checking, et al. I continue to learn much from you. Thank you.

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