How to Make A Fresh Foliage Christmas Garland

Stacey Lee Christmas Wreath

Hi guys, one of my favorite Christmas crafts is making Christmas wreaths with fresh foliage, they are affordable, super easy, and quick to make. You can make your own Christmas wreath for only $3! The wire wreath, lights, and florist wire can all be bought at Dollar Tree and you can get the foliage for free!

One of my favorite jobs was working as a florist part-time for a couple of years, other than getting the occasional gig I don’t get to do much floristry these days. So when Christmas comes around I like to go to town making wreaths and garlands for the house.

Christmas wreaths not only make your house feel festive, but they also make a lovely gift and would also be fun to make with a group of friends.


Wire Wreath – I got mine from Dollar Tree, but you could also try Michaels, Hobby Lobby.

Floral Wire – I like to use floral bind wire, which is a very pliable wire covered in paper, which you can find on Amazon. Alternatively, any standard floral wire from Dollar Tree, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, will be just fine.

Foliage – You can use any foliage you like. Popular choices are pine, spruce, holly (a little prickly and harder to work with), cedar and magnolia. I picked mine up from a local pop up Christmas tree shop and asked for the cut offs they were throwing out. You could also forage it from your garden or neighborhood. You’ll also find it at supermarkets or your local florist.

Extras – You can add anything you would like to your wreath depending on the style you like, a bow, berries, pine cones, or any of the array of Christmas themed pics available in stores. There are two ways to add these, either by adding them to the foliage bunches as you make them or by weaving them in at the end.

At the end of Christmas cut off all the wire and foliage and save the wire wreath to use again next year.

As always if you make your own Christmas wreath I would love to see some pics, please send them to me or tag me on Instagram @stacey_lee_creative


Stacey x

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