Stacey Lee Thanksgiving

One of the most unexpected things about moving to America was getting to celebrate a day that is just as special as Christmas, and that’s Thanksgiving.

I have to say that if Americans know how to do anything, it is to be thankful. How beautiful to have a whole day that focuses on being thankful.

With Thanksgiving only a week away we still don’t know what it is going to look like. In New Jersey we are now limited to ten people inside our homes, we may also be asked to not have any guests at all for thanksgiving. But with all the unknowns, there is still plenty to be thankful for.

I wanted to share a bit of thankfulness within my circle of friends, so I plan to deliver baked goodies to each of the families I know. I did check with them first to see if they were happy to receive homemade baking due to COVID.

My thanksgiving printables are free to download. They include tags, flags, and stickers that all work together so they can be mixed and matched.

I’ve also included a Thanksgiving thankfulness activity to do around the table during Thanksgiving. The idea is to get everyone thinking about what they are thankful for, either in their own lives, or what they are thankful for about their family members.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. So grateful that you stopped by my blog.


Stacey x

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