Top 5 Cricut Tools You Need

Top 5 Cricut Tools You Need

So you finally made the plunge and bought yourself a Cricut – yay! But now the question is which tools do you need? Just when you thought all the decisions had been made you now need to work out what you need to get going. There are a lot of Cricut tools, but here are the top five Cricut tools you will need to get started.


The weeder tool is going to be your best friend if you plan to use vinyl. You literally can’t get by without one. There are a few varieties, but you can get by with one, anyone will do.

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The spatula tool is used to help you lift your project off your mat, sometimes this can be a bit tricky and that’s when the spatula comes in handy.

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The scraper tool is essential and helps you clean your mats by scrapping off leftover paper and cardstock. It can also be used to help apply vinyl. I like the XL size as it’s easier to hold and scrapes a larger surface at a time, which helps get the job done quicker.

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I love my portable trimmer. Not only are they handy for perfect straight cuts every time but they help reduce wastage.

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You are going to get a couple of mats with your machine, but you can never have enough, you also can’t use your Cricut without one, so grab a spare pack to have on hand.

There are three mats and the difference is how sticky they are. You’ll find you use the green and blue the most, but purple is handy to have to.

Blue LightGrip is used for paper and light cardstock. Green MediumGrip is used for cardstock and vinyl, and Purple StrongGrip is used for posterboard, balsa wood

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A great place to start is the Essential Tool Kit, it comes with everything you’ll need, plus a few extra tools that are nice to have. You can often pick it up for 50% off and it works out much cheaper than trying to buy everything individually.

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So there you have it the top five tools you’ll need to get started. Have fun and be sure to let me know what you make for your first project.


Stacey x

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